Gluten Free and Loving It

Laramie is a small town. There are not many places to eat, let alone places you can go and not spend the hours after a meal keeled over a toilet. When all of your college friends have muffins for breakfast, Jimmy Johns for lunch, and pizza for dinner, is there any hope for us?

For people living with gluten allergies, intolerance, or even Celiacs Disease, eating out may not be an option. But if you find yourself with gluten-headaches and GI problems galore after even a trace of gluten gets in your system, fear not! They may be few, but there are some fantastic places in Laramie that offer gluten free, and even Celiac friendly, food options. Let’s take a look at the top 5.

  1. Turtle Rock Bagels

Faith Liebzeit, a UW student with Celiacs, says that she’d like to see a gluten free bakery open in Laramie. Although that may not happen for a while, there are places to get some delicious gluten-free carbs. Turtle Rock offers two types of gluten-free bagels, and always has cream cheese ready if you ask. You can find their full menu at:

2. Corona Village

One of the problems with gluten free food in Laramie, is that you can never be completely sure that it is gluten free. When you have Celiacs, and even a trace of gluten can leave you sick for days, the cross-contamination twice-used pots give can be awful. Corona Village’s chips are ensured to be gluten free, because they are cooked in a pan that only cooks gluten-free chips. Liebzeit mentions she would also like to see restaurants mark their food better so she doesn’t have to guess, and although that also remains a future wish, Corona’s is one of those places that is happy to answer any questions you might have about gluten in their dishes. You can find their full menu at:

3. Thai Spice

Thai Spice is probably one of the most costumer focused restaurants in town. They are very knowledgeable about their dishes and which ones can be made gluten free, which ones can be made Celiac friendly, and which ones we should avoid all together. It’s a gluten free foodie’s dream. You can find their full menu at:

4. Jeffrey’s Bisto

No, you may not be able to get a Jimmy John’s sandwich, but Jeffrey’s Bistro does offer spectacular gluten-free sandwiches. That’s right- a sandwich. A real one, not a lettuce wrap! The quality of the gluten-free bread they use is high. (Much higher than the rather dismal selection of gluten-free bread at Walmart.) You can check out their full menu at:

5. Alibi’s Wood-fire Pizza

This one may be cheating. Although not celiac-friendly yet, many people with gluten intolerance and allergies find their high quality sour dough bread easy on their gut and amazing on their taste buds. Sour dough goes through a fermented process that changes the gluten protein many people react poorly and it makes it just as digestible as gluten-free bread. I wouldn’t recommend people with celiacs to eat here just yet, an employee said they were working on getting gluten-free dough in soon. You can check out their full menu at:

Laramie’s restaurants seem to be working hard to accommodate the growing population of gluten-free eaters. They have a long way to go- from marking their food better to lower costs.

Liebzeit says “The cost is a barrier. Restaurants don’t want to buy expensive ingredients when they might not get used.” She has a point! But I think an overwhelmingly amount of people would say the cost is worth it if it means they can have their cake, and eat it too.

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