Hashtag Instagram

As far as social media goes, I’m more on the side of “less is better”.  So going into this Instagram story promotion, I had very little experience. It honestly took me ten minutes to just figure out where the “add photo” button was on Instagram.

But, I did it! And I actually really enjoyed parts of it. Using Canva was a lot of fun, and surprisingly easy. It was a fun challenge to find a uniting theme throughout my posts, something I thought was important for building my “brand”.

I kept my brand light and fun, while encouraging viewer interaction.

We’ve talked a lot about building your own band, and your business’ brand, in my Business Ethics class. I thought this was a unique experience to try out some of the techniques I’ve learned in that class as well as this one.

Having viability was one of the key points we talked about in my Business Ethics course. The ability for a post to have life outside of itself is a great way to promote your work. I strived to do this by asking a question along with my picture. I invited viewers to read my blog post and then share of their personal experience in the comments.

I didn’t choose a color scheme, because I wanted to allow myself more creativity throughout the posts, but I did choose a font. I wanted it to be fun and engaging. Most of what my blog posts talked about was creative, exciting stuff, and I wanted my Instagram stories to reflect that.

Finding hashtags was surprisingly difficult, although this is probably due to my lack of experience on social media. Once again though, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this assignment, even the hashtag part.

In the future, I hope to have published some of my writing. In the publishing worlds- for novels that is- having a strong social media presence is incredibly helpful. Many authors have Instagram they use to post updates and build a following. It is something I’ve thought about getting in to, and now I feel like I have the skills necessary to do so.

You can check out my Instagram here:

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