Hi and welcome!

I’m Alli, a writer trying to navigate her way through the ever-changing field of journalism. This blog will feature all my work and hopefully bring a little bit of light to the world. Read a bit, learn something, and please comment if you have any thoughts!

What I write about

  1. Giving a voice to little-known human rights organizations and movements. Currently I’m focusing my work in Laramie, WY, where I live and go to school.
  2. Mental health! I’m a psychology major, so extinguishing the stigma around mental illness while revealing some of the truth’s behind it is important to me.
  3. The unique individuals in my town. People are fascinating. We all have our own past, ways of thinking and passions. Our lives are so different, it is amazing to get the chance to delve into an individual’s experience.

Career Goals

I would love to start a wilderness therapy practice with adolescents. Wilderness therapy is an emerging field of clinical psychology that uses nature to encourage healing and growth. I am also interested in growing my journalism skills and writing professionally.

The dream of all dreams is to become a published author and write fiction all the time!

Essentially- I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. If I grow up. But I plan on chasing my dreams, even if they seem impossible.

Who I am

I’ve spent most of my life in the beautiful Colorado Springs, although was in a military family for my first 9 years. I moved to Laramie, Wy to attend the University of Wyoming. I’m pursuing a bachelors in Psychology with minors in Journalism and Outdoor Leadership.

When I’m not working on coursework or trying to pay the bills, I enjoy taking some time to myself. Some of my passions:

  1. Anything outside- mountain biking, camping, hiking, skiing.
  2. Reading (favorite author- Sarah. J Maas)
  3. Creative writing- My love of words began with reading books, and then morphed into creating my own stories. I’m working on editing my first novel, and hope to begin querying agents my June, 2019. (Nerd alert!)
  4. Spontaneous adventures! I’m always looking for the next adventure, whether in my small college town or half way across the world, the answer is probably yes.